Dear Roman,

At four and a half years old it take a lot of effort to keep you inspired. I mean honestly by 9am you are bouncing off the walls at home ready for some excitement. Preschool only lasts until noon and after some mid day quiet time you’re ready to go again. It’s just who you are- busy, busy and go go go. If you aren’t on the move then you tend to get into trouble. So I’ve learned it’s better to keep you involved in a lot of activities. And since we live in Washington where it seems to rain non stop it’s sometimes not an option to head outdoors, to the parks or to the beaches. So here’s what your schedule looks like these days:

Karate- I enrolled you in Karate classes when you started coming home karate chopping everything in sight. You would pretend to be a “ninja” not really knowing what exactly that meant and your desire to yell, “hi ya!”  non stop was driving me crazy. So Karate class it was. At first you were apprehensive about the whole idea, but after your first class you were totally hooked. It’s super fun to watch you in action karate chopping a big exercise ball and balancing with yoga moves.  I love that you now have an outlet to let out a little aggression and you’ve stopped bringing that behavior into the home.

Swim- It’s been over a year now that you’ve been in swim class and you’ve made huge progress… very slowly… but huge improvements. Your biggest challenge in swim class is your self doubt. You’re such a perfectionist and worrier so if you think you can’t do something you get stuck in that mindset. Your super patient instructor is constantly trying to give you pep talks. She tells you to say to yourself, “I can do it.” It’s sort of become something we encourage you to say for all aspects of your life lately. She also works on trying to get you to calm down and to stop tensing up when you swim. I laugh when she says that because that’s pretty much been your personality since birth. But more power to her for trying. I really think your biggest accomplishment is going to be the day you jump into the pool and swim completely on your own for the entire session. That day isn’t here yet, but it’s on the horizon. I believe you can do it I just wish you felt the same way!

Soccer- Now soccer class is something that unlike swim comes totally natural to you. You make it look so easy to run and kick and try and score goals. You love the game and everything it comes with- cool coaches, teammates, scoring goals. The best part though is that you go on Saturday mornings so Dad takes you. It’s the best part of his weekend having that time with you. After class you go to a lunch of pizza and frozen yogurt – your favorite combo.

Preschool- Last year you loved preschool, but this year you are constantly telling me that it’s boring. At first I sort of dismissed it thinking you were misusing the word boring. Then when you started saying that over and over I started to dig a little. From my question and answer session I’ve gathered that you’re not much of a fan for sitting in circle time, you don’t think singing songs at music is all that exciting and you’d really rather play with your toys at home vs. the toys at school. You topped off that stellar review with a, “and I think writing is soooo boring.” Oh boy! As your mom I was super concerned. I thought perhaps you needed more out of preschool and you probably do. But also as your mom I know what a tough critic you can be (gee I wonder where you get that). But it’s a good life lesson to know that your whole day can’t all be fun and exciting. Sometimes learning is fun and sometimes it’s… well boring. So I tell you this often and remind you that it’s better to keep an open mind about learning and school. In the meantime I’m on a mission to find some sort of supplemental class that isn’t “boring.”

When at home your favorite things to do are: play LEGOS, read/look through books and watch Curious George. You still like music and making music, but not as much as you used to. I miss it actually. You also aren’t dressing in capes and costumes as much. You’ve kind of moved on from super heroes to Star Wars. Another sniff sniff. You’re definitely growing up faster than I’d like. You ride your bike without training wheels, want to create jumps for your bike and you really want a skateboard. Maybe for your 5 year old birthday.


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