A Penny For Luck


Dear Roman,

Every so often you’ll say or do something that shows your true character and makes me beyond proud to say I’m your mom. Today was one of those moments. We were at an indoor “play pit” and you were running around and climbing on the foam structures with all the other kids. When I’d finally reached my chaos/noise/stimulation limit I rounded up your sister and called for you. I saw you walk over to me with a look on your face that seemed unsettled. Immediately you said to me, “a baby hit me across my face.” The way you said it I could tell you were really upset.

Me: A baby? What do you mean?

You: Yeah a baby, well I mean a little kid. He was little, maybe a two year old.

Me: That wasn’t nice of him was it?

You: Mom! He hit me! I wonder why he’d do that? I don’t think he was wearing diapers so he must not have been a little baby.

Now I could tell that my blowing off this whole interaction between you and the little boy wasn’t what you were looking for. But I also know you well enough to know that I shouldn’t make silly excuses for the kid like saying, “he must have been having a bad day” or something easy like that. So I took you over to a bench to talk.

Me: You know Roman, I don’t know why that kid would have hit you like that. You’re a really good teacher to younger kids and maybe all that little guy needs is someone to tell him hitting is not okay. You know so next time that happens to you just say, “that’s not okay to hit me.”

You thought a minute and said…

I’m going to give him a penny.

Then you pulled out a penny from your pocket. The same “lucky penny” as you call it that is always in your pocket just in case there’s something you want to buy that costs one cent.

Me: A penny? What? Why?

You: Because maybe he justs needs some luck.

I stopped you just before you started to head over to the little kid to hand him the coin and explained that his parents may not want him handling money since he was so young. But then I told you that your idea was just about the kindest thing ever. And you could tell that I really meant it. I gave you a really big hug and that was the end of the conversation.




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