Dear Roman,

One of the really fantastic things about you and your sister is that you guys seem to draw total strangers in. Constantly when we are out and about random people will make an effort to say lovely things to us. Lots of times you’ll hear people tell you how incredibly cute you are, how adorable your sister’s curls are and so on. But my favorite comment to hear is the one that goes something like, “your children are so well behaved.” Funny because sometimes (often at times) when we are hanging at home this is the last comment I’d think anyone would say about you. No offense.

So today that very thing happened as the three of us were finishing up a single bowl of ice cream. I hadn’t noticed anyone observing us, but apparently two nice ladies had enjoyed watching our interaction so much that they came up to our table. They told  you and Charlotte how adorable you were and how very well behaved you both were. As soon as they left our table you turned to me and said, “we’re well behaved because you are the best mom.” What the??? Where did that come from??? Every now and then the sweetest thing in the entire world will come out of the mouth of the kid that won’t let me cuddle, kiss or even talk to him most of the time.

Maybe because you are a boy of few words and emotions that single sentence meant everything to me. Thank you little boy! I love you!


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