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Toddler in the House

September 20, 2012

Dear Roman,

Today at preschool drop off your teacher mentioned something you said in class…

She explained that the weekly topic has been families and when asked if you had a sister in your family you responded, “no we have a toddler.”


Happy Birthday!

September 7, 2012

Dear Roman,

Happy 5th birthday to my boy! You were so excited to turn 5. It’s like you were ready to feel, look and say you were older. We celebrated at a pool party with 25 of your closest friends. The weather was beautiful and you had a blast swimming with your friends. Then another party at Mimi and Pop’s and finally a celebration at home. It was a lot and by the time September 5th came around you actually said, “I’ve had too much birthday.” Your favorite gifts this year were various Lego sets, a big kid scooter, a big kid BMX bike, Playmobil sets, a light saber and various books. You appreciated every single present and truly enjoyed unwrapping your gifts this year.

This year was huge for you. A year of change and growth. At times very challenging and perplexing for me as your Mom, but as you neared your birthday you really turned a corner and I was able to sit back and reflect.

Physically you learned to ride a bike without training wheels, you learned to swim across the pool without fear. You took up soccer again and found passion in the game. You found confidence in karate, you tried skateboarding and were a natural. These kind of sports seem to come naturally to you.

Emotionally you grew as well. Friends, school, pets, your sister all proved to be important parts of this last year. Your good buddy Nicholas moved away and taught you about missing a friend. Your fish Calvin died and taught you about loss. The time spent and closeness you felt toward your sister has taught you about deep care, concern and love. School kids proved to be an ongoing lesson, one I’m still trying to figure out at times. You learned that everyone doesn’t always follow rules, some kids aren’t so nice, sometimes words really hurt, people aren’t predictable and the world is not so black and white- the way you’d prefer it to be. You also had friendships grow into strong relationships. Many times you’ll say to me, “I don’t want a lot of friends, I just want a couple of good friends.” You are a boy of character and good judgement.

You are crazy creative. It blows me away sometimes. You still are passionate about music and desperately want to take guitar lessons. You recently have started break dancing- I have no idea how you picked it up, but you like it. You rarely pick up a pen, but when you do you’ll draw wildly creative scenes like a camel being chased by a monster. In fact you have dozens of monster drawings that you call, “your monster series.” You like clothes- hats, shoes and ties. Backpacks too. You enjoy museums and being in the city and take all the visuals in when we hang out. And you love creating with Legos, mostly ¬†building space ships and vehicles. Who knows what this all means. You tell us you want to be: a secret agent, a ninja, coast guard, archeologist, rock star, professional skateboarder… and then you say, “I haven’t decided yet.”

What I do know is that you are passionate, enthusiastic, positive, creative, bright, innocent, vulnerable, genuine, at times shy, sensitive, curious, eager, a really good brother, a super terrific kid! I could not be more proud. I love you kid! Here’s to your year as a five year old. Can’t wait to see what it brings.