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October 27, 2012

Dear Roman,

Last weekend we took a last minute trip down to Portland to visit your friend Nicholas and his family. It was a very short trip- just one night, but still enough to have you reconnect with your close buddy. It’s so great what good friends you are and how time can pass, but the minute you two see each other it’s like you’ve seen one another all week. Our first mission was to meet Nicholas at his art lesson. You could not stand the anticipation, excited energy was bursting out of you. You waited anxiously to give him a small gift you’d picked out and the minute you saw Nicholas in class you yelled, “hi Nicholas I have a present for you!” From that moment on you guys got along great for the remainder of the trip. We went to a very cool rock climbing wall gym where the two of you got to climb.. and climb… and climb some more. You played at his house that evening and the next morning before we left the two of you went with your dad’s on a bike ride through the city. It was the perfect weekend for all of us. Izzie and her family even drove down to join and made everything that much more exciting. It’s hard to have friends far away, but also makes it so much fun to go and visit!



October 27, 2012

Dear Roman,

We’ve really been enjoying the fall season. Cooler weather, leaves falling, the rain has crept back in. Feels like fall around Kirkland. Over the last few weeks we’ve done a lot to get in the mood. Here’s the short list:

We Visited a few pumpkin patches and managed to do so on absolutely gorgeous days. The weather makes all the difference in the Northwest!

As part of a class we attend on Monday mornings called Tiny Treks we got to see salmon swimming up stream. You were so completely into the whole event. From the hike through the woods that lead us to a stream, then spotting salmon swimming. This was your kind of field trip and bonus is that You’ve learned a lot about the life cycle of a salmon.

We’ve eaten countless caramel apples. Totally addicting.

School had “dad’s night” last Thursday and the activity was to carve a pumpkin. So you carefully sketched out a few jack o’lantern face options all of which were very creative/original/cool and Dad carved based off your design. You guys made an excellent team and he reported back to me that the evening was a lot of fun!

At your school there was also the annual “trunk or treat” where families decorate the trunks of their cars and park them in the school parking lot. Then the kiddos get to dress up and go trick or treating from one trunk to the next. This is one of your favorite events of the year! We rushed home from soccer practice so you and Charlotte could get into costume. Your choice this year was Flash and Charlotte’s was a ballerina. On a very went and cold Friday night we braved the conditions so you could have the time of your life- seeing all of your school friends in costume and getting a ton of candy in a short amount of time. Lots of fun!

You’ve come home from school almost daily with an art project that involved either a pumpkin, a leaf, an apple or a spider.

One of your favorite things to do in the afternoon is ride your bike across the street and go stomping in the leaves on the ground.

We shared a pumpkin spice cupcake from the cupcake shop and a pumpkin doughnut from Top Pot and you like to order hot cider from various coffee shops. All in addition to the massive amounts of caramel apples we’ve been eating… as already mentioned.




Walk Home

October 11, 2012

Dear Roman,

The other day after school we ended up walking your good friend Izzie home from school. She lives really close by and you guys have known each other for what feels like forever so really I thought nothing of this simple event. But from the moment I told you we were going to walk her home it was anything but.

You took her hand and carefully walked her down the sidewalk and across the street. I could tell you were taking this job very seriously and I think you may have been trying to impress her. I was taken back because I’ve never seen you act this way with her before. All of a sudden I realized a simple walk was turning into something else… you were really enjoying holding Izzie’s hand and feeling like a big kid. As I strolled Charlotte I decided to push ahead a little and let you and Izzie have some space. I heard you making ridiculous jokes in your “silly voice” (the ones that drive me crazy at the end of a long day) But Izzie thought they were hilarious. She was laughing a girlish laugh and saying, “Roman’s being funny.” She asked you if you liked her new haircut and asked if it made her look like, “a rock star.” You just smiled. Then I heard her say, “let’s switch hands Roman because my hand feels sweaty.” You ¬†agreed and tried to explain to her that your hand was sweaty because you were holding hands with her and if you switched hands then you should probably switch again soon…. and the rambling chit chat took me right back to a familiar moment from my childhood. Holding sweaty hands and walking home… that’s when I realized I was witness to the two of you BECOMING BIG KIDS!!!! We made it to Izzie’s house and you delivered her to her mom who was waiting at the door. As soon as we walked away you asked me when you could walk her home again. You are now old enough to remember this walk home. No more of me documenting events that you’ll perhaps one day read about and discover for the first time. From now on as I write these love letters to you there’s a good chance they will spark memories of the actual event from your childhood. Crazy to think about.

I love you.