Walk Home


Dear Roman,

The other day after school we ended up walking your good friend Izzie home from school. She lives really close by and you guys have known each other for what feels like forever so really I thought nothing of this simple event. But from the moment I told you we were going to walk her home it was anything but.

You took her hand and carefully walked her down the sidewalk and across the street. I could tell you were taking this job very seriously and I think you may have been trying to impress her. I was taken back because I’ve never seen you act this way with her before. All of a sudden I realized a simple walk was turning into something else… you were really enjoying holding Izzie’s hand and feeling like a big kid. As I strolled Charlotte I decided to push ahead a little and let you and Izzie have some space. I heard you making ridiculous jokes in your “silly voice” (the ones that drive me crazy at the end of a long day) But Izzie thought they were hilarious. She was laughing a girlish laugh and saying, “Roman’s being funny.” She asked you if you liked her new haircut and asked if it made her look like, “a rock star.” You just smiled. Then I heard her say, “let’s switch hands Roman because my hand feels sweaty.” You  agreed and tried to explain to her that your hand was sweaty because you were holding hands with her and if you switched hands then you should probably switch again soon…. and the rambling chit chat took me right back to a familiar moment from my childhood. Holding sweaty hands and walking home… that’s when I realized I was witness to the two of you BECOMING BIG KIDS!!!! We made it to Izzie’s house and you delivered her to her mom who was waiting at the door. As soon as we walked away you asked me when you could walk her home again. You are now old enough to remember this walk home. No more of me documenting events that you’ll perhaps one day read about and discover for the first time. From now on as I write these love letters to you there’s a good chance they will spark memories of the actual event from your childhood. Crazy to think about.

I love you.



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