Dear Roman,

We’ve really been enjoying the fall season. Cooler weather, leaves falling, the rain has crept back in. Feels like fall around Kirkland. Over the last few weeks we’ve done a lot to get in the mood. Here’s the short list:

We Visited a few pumpkin patches and managed to do so on absolutely gorgeous days. The weather makes all the difference in the Northwest!

As part of a class we attend on Monday mornings called Tiny Treks we got to see salmon swimming up stream. You were so completely into the whole event. From the hike through the woods that lead us to a stream, then spotting salmon swimming. This was your kind of field trip and bonus is that You’ve learned a lot about the life cycle of a salmon.

We’ve eaten countless caramel apples. Totally addicting.

School had “dad’s night” last Thursday and the activity was to carve a pumpkin. So you carefully sketched out a few jack o’lantern face options all of which were very creative/original/cool and Dad carved based off your design. You guys made an excellent team and he reported back to me that the evening was a lot of fun!

At your school there was also the annual “trunk or treat” where families decorate the trunks of their cars and park them in the school parking lot. Then the kiddos get to dress up and go trick or treating from one trunk to the next. This is one of your favorite events of the year! We rushed home from soccer practice so you and Charlotte could get into costume. Your choice this year was Flash and Charlotte’s was a ballerina. On a very went and cold Friday night we braved the conditions so you could have the time of your life- seeing all of your school friends in costume and getting a ton of candy in a short amount of time. Lots of fun!

You’ve come home from school almost daily with an art project that involved either a pumpkin, a leaf, an apple or a spider.

One of your favorite things to do in the afternoon is ride your bike across the street and go stomping in the leaves on the ground.

We shared a pumpkin spice cupcake from the cupcake shop and a pumpkin doughnut from Top Pot and you like to order hot cider from various coffee shops. All in addition to the massive amounts of caramel apples we’ve been eating… as already mentioned.





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