Dear Roman,

Last weekend we took a last minute trip down to Portland to visit your friend Nicholas and his family. It was a very short trip- just one night, but still enough to have you reconnect with your close buddy. It’s so great what good friends you are and how time can pass, but the minute you two see each other it’s like you’ve seen one another all week. Our first mission was to meet Nicholas at his art lesson. You could not stand the anticipation, excited energy was bursting out of you. You waited anxiously to give him a small gift you’d picked out and the minute you saw Nicholas in class you yelled, “hi Nicholas I have a present for you!” From that moment on you guys got along great for the remainder of the trip. We went to a very cool rock climbing wall gym where the two of you got to climb.. and climb… and climb some more. You played at his house that evening and the next morning before we left the two of you went with your dad’s on a bike ride through the city. It was the perfect weekend for all of us. Izzie and her family even drove down to join and made everything that much more exciting. It’s hard to have friends far away, but also makes it so much fun to go and visit!


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