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Parent Teacher Conference

January 31, 2013

Dear Roman,

It’s half way through your pre kindergarten year and I cannot believe that in a few months you will be moving on to big kid school. We’ve been trying to make decisions lately about where you’ll be going to school- public or private, a hard to get into charter school… it’s making the inevitable all too real. You are growing up!  Amidst the school tours and parent information nights we attended your preschool’s parent teacher conference.

At 5 years old (according to your teacher) you:

“can follow multiple step directions without assistance.”

“can be impulsive during unstructured free play.”

“love to share  knowledge and ideas.  a sponge of information.”

“sometimes rushes through just to get it done.”

“very social and imaginative.”

“gets distracted by what others are doing and playing.”

“comes up with different games to play and things to build. Is a natural born leader in the making.”

Then she went on to tell me all the letters you identified and could write, how high you could count to and add, how you were ready to start reading…

and I sat there taking it all in. Sort of in awe at all you’ve accomplished. I felt proud to be your mom. As a toddler I’d watch you in music class, gym class or at a playdate and I would see a happy, social, friendly kid. Eager to be included, excited to learn. Often distracted and oh so busy. Always in motion. Today your teacher described the Roman we’ve known and loved.  It’s a great thing when someone else can see you and appreciate you the way we do. She’s been a fantastic teacher and I can only hope that you continue to be surrounded by special influences as you grow.





January 10, 2013

Dear Roman,

For a few years now you’ve been taking swim lessons with Miss Connie. She’s become such a positive influence in your life. almost like a beloved member of the family. You and your sister tell her about special moments, share with her your interests. Over breaks and vacations you both repeatedly ask, “when do we get to see Miss Connie again?” Each week she spends 30 minutes working with you to try and overcome your anxieties and fears. She coaches you through stressful situations. You’ve learned so much more than simply how to swim which was the goal when you started. Watching your progress has been an amazing experience for me. At times incredibly painful. You would resist and regress then slowly surge progress. Baby steps. Honestly there were moments when I lose hope and get discouraged. You’d fight Miss Connie and try to negotiate your way out of any situation you didn’t feel comfortable with. And I simply couldn’t imagine you overcoming your own sabotages.  But She never once backed down. So I kept my mouth shut and let her do the teaching and pushing. I fully trusted her methods and thought, if anyone can turn you into a swimmer it will be her. 

We hadn’t been to swim lessons in a few weeks as it had been winter break. Until today when we returned. Your sister has lessons first and you play with your buddy while you wait. Then it was your turn. As I was dressing Charlotte I noticed as Miss Connie would call out strokes to perform you were eager and willing to oblige. Swimming across the length of the pool with an almost ease. You had found your confidence. You had gotten passed the huge barrier you had put up. And it only took you three years to get there. Ha ha. I stopped dressing Charlotte and took in what I was seeing. It was the moment I never thought would come. I saw… a swimmer! Miss Connie noticed the change as well and made sure to acknowledge your efforts. Then she pulled you aside and said, “Roman, you have now officially moved up a level from non swimmer to swimmer.” Your face beamed. You rarely show your feelings in this sort of way so we both could tell that meant a lot. I reflected on the time spent in her pool. How far you have come. How much she means to you and I started to tear up. I realized that as your mom the best thing I can do is sit back and let you grow and develop as you are ready. Because you will eventually get there and how special is it when you do!!