Parent Teacher Conference


Dear Roman,

It’s half way through your pre kindergarten year and I cannot believe that in a few months you will be moving on to big kid school. We’ve been trying to make decisions lately about where you’ll be going to school- public or private, a hard to get into charter school… it’s making the inevitable all too real. You are growing up!  Amidst the school tours and parent information nights we attended your preschool’s parent teacher conference.

At 5 years old (according to your teacher) you:

“can follow multiple step directions without assistance.”

“can be impulsive during unstructured free play.”

“love to share  knowledge and ideas.  a sponge of information.”

“sometimes rushes through just to get it done.”

“very social and imaginative.”

“gets distracted by what others are doing and playing.”

“comes up with different games to play and things to build. Is a natural born leader in the making.”

Then she went on to tell me all the letters you identified and could write, how high you could count to and add, how you were ready to start reading…

and I sat there taking it all in. Sort of in awe at all you’ve accomplished. I felt proud to be your mom. As a toddler I’d watch you in music class, gym class or at a playdate and I would see a happy, social, friendly kid. Eager to be included, excited to learn. Often distracted and oh so busy. Always in motion. Today your teacher described the Roman we’ve known and loved.  It’s a great thing when someone else can see you and appreciate you the way we do. She’s been a fantastic teacher and I can only hope that you continue to be surrounded by special influences as you grow.




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