Star Wars


Dear Roman,

It started back in the summer of 2011 right before you turned 4. You caught a glimpse of Luke, Han Solo and Darth at the Lego store and that was it. You were hooked, intrigued, obsessed with all things Star Wars. You collected and had us read every book, encyclopedia to you on the topic. A few months later I think you could have taught a class on the subject. And for the last two years your interest has stuck. We’ve watched as you’ve built countless Star Wars Lego kits, collected figurines, stared for hours at the pages of your Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. Then this fall all of your friends started coming to school talking about the Star Wars movies and we had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long before you too wanted to see with your own eyes this right of passage into boyhood. The wait ended for you last Friday when a¬†spontaneous decision was made… Friday Family Movie Night would feature the first Star Wars movie. You were jumping for joy and gave your dad and I the biggest hugs ever while shouting, “thank you!” It was better than Christmas. Dad took you to get popcorn and candy at the store because what movie night is complete without those two food groups. Snuggled on the couch sitting between your Dad and myself you saw the opening scene and said out loud, “it’s like a dream come true.” That pretty much sums up your first experience. It was everything you wanted it to be and more. You sat motionless throughout asking a zillion and one questions and trying to stay one step ahead of each part of the film. Your favorite parts of course were the battle scenes and your favorite character was Obi-Wan. You made it through without being scared or feeling anxious which for you is sometimes hard to do. This event was a really big deal in your childhood and I’m just glad it didn’t disappoint.



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