Dear Roman,

We just got back from a family vacation to New York.  As a child some of my favorite books in the entire world took place in New York and a few of the stories I’ve already been able to introduce to you- Eloise and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to name a few. It’s a city that your dad and I adore and a place we have been waiting to share with you and your sister. This spring was ideal and so we hopped on an airplane and traveled across country. From the moment we got off the plane and into a big yellow taxi cab you were taken over with excitement. Our first place to visit was Times Square because really what better place is there to be overwhelmed with all the street chaos, over the top buildings and flashy lights everywhere. The streets sparkled and so did your face. We walked block after block and you took it all in. The streets were filled with traffic and the sidewalks with people. Our first outing in NY was living up to your expectations.

The next day we spent our time walking through Central Park stopping to play at various parks or to watch the street entertainment. You even met two boys who lived on the Upper West Side and who became instant friends while you flew paper airplanes through the park. When it was time to leave them you turned to me and asked, “can we get their email so we can have a playdate the next time we’re in NY?”

We visited FAO the big toy store you had heard so much about. When you entered you raced straight to the candy section and then up the big escalator to the toys. We told you that you could pick out one toy- whatever you wanted and out of the entire store you ended up with a Star Wars comic book. After FAO we explored the entire Upper East Side stopping only to eat. That evening we took a subway down to Union Square and took you guys to a super crowded restaurant for dinner. But you hung in there and sat through dinner and the crowds. Afterward we grabbed a Mr. Softee ice cream (which you had been asking for since you laid eyes on the night before) for the long walk back to our hotel.

The next day was spent eating street pretzels, riding on a carriage ride through Central Park, visiting the zoo, The Natural History Museum, another trip to FAO and several other shops then topped off with a late dinner in the basement of The Plaza Hotel. It was magical.

Our last day in the city it decided to pour down rain, but that didn’t stop us from heading down to SOHO for breakfast at Balthazars where you dined on a $20.00 pastry basket and were introduced to bathroom attendants. We went to the Children’s Museum of the Arts and you got to explore figure drawing, paint, clay and a very cool room where you were able to create a stop animation video.

The entire trip exceeded our expectations and when it was time to leave you were pretty upset. Since we’ve been back you asked several times when we can return. Your favorite spots seemed in be Central Park. It is pretty spectacular!



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