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The Last Day of School

June 13, 2013

Dear Roman,

Just recently you graduated from pre-k. It was a really big deal for our family because it meant saying goodbye to a beloved teacher, a fantastic preschool and a familiar routine. It meant you’ll soon be entering kindergarten- something I still can’t say or admit without feeling a huge lump in my throat. It meant you are growing up. But of course you know nothing about all of this stuff that haunts your Mama. All you knew was that you grew and developed in amazing ways during your pre-k year. You learned to write and count and lots of obvious stuff like that. But if you ask me even more importantly you learned to love school. Each day you were honestly beyond excited to get to school. Your reason was always, “because I can’t wait to see my friends.” This year was all about friendships/relationships and interactions with your peers.

On the last day of school your teacher held a party in your class and we got to attend. She put on a video she had made that showed a series of photographs that were taken over the course of your school year. I noticed how happy you looked in all of the pictures. You were always in the group shots taken where some sort of project was being worked on or a fantastic block structure was being created. There you were surrounded by your friends working on a project. As your Mom I was overcome by all of it. Seeing you have a life outside of our little family was just amazing to observe. You’re social and friendly at school and during the class presentation it really showed. When it came time to say goodbye to your classroom you were quick to exit. You hate sad stuff and you hate finales even more. So not surprising you barely acknowledged your teacher. But since the last day you’ve asked me if you can go back and see her when Charlotte goes to preschool. You’ve also asked me if your class is really over. It’s setting in for you now that this day I am writing about was the last one for the year.