Back of the Car


Dear Roman,

There are moments in my time spent with you when I completely stop and pause because I am blown away by the realization that you are growing up. You’re a kid and you act like one and talk like one and have a life completely separate from the one you share with me. My baby! It sounds crazy even writing it because I am fully aware that you’ll be turning 6 in a few weeks. You’ll be off to kindergarten. I get it and yet I still think of you as that little guy who sucked a pacifier morning noon and night and wanted me to hold him all day.

Anyway, today as I drove you and your best buddy home from science camp I had one of the moments I’m referring to. You guys were sitting in the back of the car having a conversation about Star Wars. Going back and forth like, “do you remember the part from the movie when Darth asks Luke to take off his mask?” And then, “oh yeah dude that was cool.” Talking about scenes from the movies that I had no recollection of.  The two of you sharing facts and ideas and discussing your understanding of such an important subject in a boy’s development. This type of dialogue went on for the entire drive. All on the Star Wars topic.  I drove and listened silently. Taking in how grown up you both sounded and thinking about how I had two boys in my car. Not toddlers, not little kids, but boys. About to be 6 and about to head off to kindergarten. How is that possible?


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