Dear Roman,

Summer is almost over. It really seems like yesterday that you were graduating from pre-k and we had the summer ahead of us. Now I sit here writing knowing that next week is the last week before you start kindergarten! How did this happen?

It’s pretty much been the best summer ever. Seriously. We’ve done fun stuff like a trip to Scottsdale. You’ve been in cool summer camps at the zoo and LEGO camp and really fun space and dinosaur camp. You’ve taken swim lessons and soccer lessons with your best friend Kellen. We’ve met other friends from school at parks and beaches. We’ve gone every Wednesday to the farmers market to eat woodfired pizza while you run around in the grass with your buddies that meet you there. But that’s not even the best part. The best thing about this summer has been YOU. How grown up you’ve become. How mellow and easy you are to be around. How loving and affectionate you are. You have been the best big brother in the entire world. Helping Charlotte with projects, playing with her non stop. On rare occasion even telling her you love her. I wouldn’t change a single thing about you this summer. In fact I wish so badly I could stop time and freeze the little moments we’ve shared. Instead I’ll try my hardest to remember that the summer of 2013 was fantastic. Memorable. A summer of bonding and warmth and connection between you and me and Charlotte. We’ve been quite the threesome.

I love you.


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