First Day Of School


Dear Roman,

September 4th was your very first day of elementary school. It was a huge deal. We’d talked about school on and off all summer long. Occasionally you’d let me know in your sort of way that you were nervous. Other moments you were just so excited for the new adventure. In the days leading up to school starting we made the most out of the end of summer. We did “field trips” every single day to someplace fun like Wild Waves, the beach, etc. I’m so glad we did because those days were the best. You, me, Charlotte hanging out together. Everyone getting along and soaking up all the together time. The day before school started I took you on a “date” just the two of us. I told you we could do whatever you wanted. So you asked to go to lunch, to the Lego store and to the candy shop. Then we went home and played together. I knew those were my last moments with you the kid we knew before elementary school. The next day would change everything. And it did.

The morning of school you were a ball of enthusiasm and excitement. You told your sister, “Sorry Charlotte, but I’m not going to be able to play with you today. I’m going to kindergarten.” You put on your backpack and carried your lunch as we walked down the street toward school. As we neared I held your hand and you were happy to hold mine. My whole objective was just to send you off without crying so for you and only you I held it together. We got to Lakeview and you lined up outside in the appropriate line all while Dad took tons of photos. Then your teacher came out and greeted you and your peers, instructed you to come inside and we all followed. I had packed a picture book wrapped in your artwork for you to give to your teacher so the first thing you did was hand her the gift. She was thrilled and you were so relieved. We said goodbye and Dad, myself and Charlotte left the room.

It was the strangest feeling walking away. Sort and outer body experience honestly. I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel all that sad really. I was pretty excited for you and what you were about to experience. Your sister was pretty upset and cried on the way home. She asked why you had to leave and that made my heart ache just a bit. I knew you were going to be fine though and so would she.

As the time approached for Charlotte and I to come and get you we were very excited! I brought fresh baked cookies in case you need a good distraction. We waited anxiously outside the same door we had entered that morning. Then before we knew it the door opened and out you came being escorted by your teacher. You were so happy! Full of details about what had happened that day. You met a new friend and you played a fun game at recess with your buddies. You liked lunch and bought a chocolate milk. You loved your teacher and were covered in stickers she had given you for doing a good job. Then you ran toward the playground to meet your friends and played for another 30 minutes. I was in shock. A very happy shock. The first day couldn’t have gone better.


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