Happy Birthday Roman


Dear Roman,

You turned 6 on your second day of school and so Charlotte and I brought Top Pot doughnuts (sprinkles the colors of the Sounders requested by you) to your classroom for a party. A very different celebration than years past when we would spend the day together doing something fun. Instead this year we celebrated at school, then with a simple evening of unwrapping presents and delivery pizza. I think the highlight was receiving the Lego Millennium Falcon. You even teared up when you opened it!

Your party was held the Saturday following and was… shocking… a Lego party. Your first drop off party too! We had a Lego expert come and show you and your (all boys) buddies how to build Star Wars vehicles and battle them. It was a fantastic day and you loved every minute. We topped the day off with a family gathering at a restaurant.

So happy birthday to my Lego loving, Star Wars obsessed kid. You are a thinker and a skeptic. A constant negotiator. You try so hard to figure out good and evil and at times become overwhelmed with it all. But you are optimistic and social and cherish your friends. They mean the world to you and you’d go out of your way to make sure the people you care about are happy. You’re a team player. Crazy good soccer player. You’re fast. Man are you a fast runner. You may be small, but you keep up with everyone. Oh and you’re a better swimmer than I’ll ever be. Every day with you is some sort of adventure. Thanks for letting me come along for the ride!




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