Video Kid


Dear Roman,

You are a trend kid. You obsess over something, get super into it and then move on to the next. When you were a baby it was water faucets, then light switches, then balls, outer space, baseball, Legos, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Nerf Guns, Rainbow Loom bracelets and now… Pokemon and Video games. The Pokemon I can handle but the video game obsession is driving me crazy. I love you and all, but man oh man. All you talk about, all you think about, all you ask for is XBox and video games- Minecraft and Skylander to be specific. It all started when you started having playdates with friends from school. They ALL have XBox and you were soon hooked. Seeing that you get asked to have a playdate every day including on weekends you were starting to play a lot of games over at friends houses. Not just there either. When we’d walk by the store that sells XBox you’d stop in and play a round or two of whatever game was available. Problem for you is that you have a super strict Mama- ME. My rule has always been no XBox until you are reading as in reading book after book all on your own. You think this rule is so not okay. I’m not budging. So you and I have had to find some common ground here. Because honestly I don’t want you going to other peoples houses to always play games and I don’t want you playing games all of the time. After all you are only 6! When I start to freak out inside my head I remember that you have a pattern of getting super into something at first and then tiring of it. So on the outside I acted calm. I asked you about the games. Tried to care about the characters and world of Skylander. I talked to you about what games we’d get when we got an XBOX. This made you happy. And after awhile you started having friends come to our house again. The house without video games. And you and your buddies were back to playing in the yard or building Legos, making music on your electric guitar, trading Pokemon cards. And I sighed a huge sigh of relief.

Now don’t get me wrong you still want an XBOX more than anything. I fully know that when we do get one we will have to have strict restrictions on it, but you are used to that already. We have strict restrictions on a lot of stuff already. And since you know what you have to do to before you qualify for an XBOX you’ve been reading every night. Seriously. This may be a win win between you and I.

Love Mom.


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