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Half Way There

March 26, 2014

Dear Roman,

It’s so crazy how fast your first year of elementary school has gone. Crazy and not in a good way for me. Time is moving too fast now that you are a kindergartener. Days and weeks and months are all a blur. You’re learning, changing, growing at super sonic speed.

You’re reading! Really something clicked and here you are sounding words out and reading simple books. Your teacher moved you up to a challenging reading group in class because she thinks you are ready to be pushed a bit. I couldn’t agree more. When you have a goal there’s nothing stopping you. It’s one of the qualities I admire most about you Roman. You are unstoppable!

Still playing soccer and loving it. We went back and forth on whether or not you should play baseball. Of course you wanted to because you want to play any and every sport. But to be honest the time commitment of baseball was a lot and so we decided as a family to stick to watching games across the street at the park. For now you’re content with that decision and continue to get super excited about soccer every week.

Playdates are still a big thing. Several times a week you are either at a friend’s house or they are over here.┬áIt’s something that’s on my mind a lot. I can remember when you were little and would beg me to constantly play with you. I used to force you to play on your own. Days seemed like they would drag on forever at times. Now I’m the one begging for a couple minutes of your time. You are gone at school all day and so social when school is out that the only moments I have with you are first thing in the morning and evenings before bed. I cherish each morning that you wake up and crawl into bed with me. That time together is the best. Also at night when I finally get some one on one and you talk to me about your day. Listening to you reminds me of what a truly amazing kid you are.

You are pretty much the best big brother ever. I constantly tell Charlotte how lucky she is to have you around. There’s rarely fighting between the two of you. If there is it’s silly sibling stuff and honestly it’s most often started by Charlotte. Every morning you guys play together before school. That time is so important to you both. As soon as breakfast is over you both race downstairs to play together until I tell you it’s time to walk to school. I adore listening to the two of you get into an imaginary world before the real day begins and you go your separate ways.

On our walks to school every morning we talk about plans for the summer, vacations we want to take, restaurants we want to re visit. Just you, me and Charlotte hanging out together talking about the stuff that is important to our family. Then as soon as we hit school you are off to line up with your friends. Charlotte always yells goodbye and I give you a kiss and hug. You aren’t embarrassed by us yet.

You are still into Pokemon. Less into video games. Still into Legos and building and creating. Getting into skateboarding again. Not into skiing. Your new favorite color is blue. You are willing to eat a variety of foods now. You like to draw and write. You like staying up in your room at night with a flashlight and reading. I’ll stand by the door and will hear you reading out loud. You also like to make shadow puppets while alone in your room.

At almost half past six years old you are at my favorite age. Really. I don’t know that I could love you any more than I do now. You are the best boy a mom could ask for. Dad feels the same.