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Likes and Dislikes

August 5, 2014

Dear Roman,

You are almost 7 years old! In a few weeks you will be. It’s crazy! This year has been amazing, I love you so much at age 6. Here’s to hoping 7 is just as great.


Soccer- still your favorite sport to talk about, play, watch. Over the last year you’ve really developed into a kid who has a lot of potential. I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom. Sure I see your talent, but others do too. It’s pretty amazing to watch you actually and as long as you love to play we will support you. This summer was the World Cup and man were you into it! Since we don’t have a tv at our house I made sure you had someplace to go watch USA play. You would scream and shot at the screen and totally understood what was going on. We took you to your second ever Sounders game the other night and once again you were super into the match. Standing the entire time and shouting at the players just like the grownups surrounding you.

Legos- You are very much into Lego building and can do sets ages 8+ completely on your own. In fact if you get a new set you’ll disappear into your room until it’s complete- an hour or longer later. In addition to putting together sets you like creating on your own. Still mostly vehicles and battle ships.

Playdates- Your favorite pastime is playing with your friends.

Favorite spot to eat is Red Robin and you always order the mac n cheese.

Favorite show to watch is Lego Ninjago

You love to be outside/at a park/running free.

You have also developed a love for money. You get an allowance and have a savings. You love counting your money, sorting it. You have two wallets and like to carry them when we go out. Now that you have enough money saved up you’ve been buying yourself stuff like Legos and candy.

Favorite color is blue- or green and blue like the Sounders and Seahawks as you like to say.

You are still so helpful. You like to be needed and if there is a situation or problem you are first to volunteer to help fix it!

As your teacher pointed out, you have a strong desire to succeed.

You like a challenge.

You like to win, but you’re not a terrible loser. You’re competitive.

light sabers, nerf guns, water guns

playing tag



swim lessons

your sister- she’s been hanging around you a little too much lately. As in you want space and she wants to be wherever you are. You also dislike her going into your room.

bullies or mean people


running errands

being in one place for too long

being too hot

washing hair/bathing/getting clean

when Dad makes character voices in books

Talking to strangers or making small talk with grownups







Catching Up

August 5, 2014

Dear Roman,

It’s been far too long since I wrote about you, but life just seems to be getting in the way. The good thing is that it means we’ve been so busy making memories and you’ve been busy being the six year old that you are. Where to begin…

Remember our trip to Disneyland? That was all the way back in April, but definitely worth mentioning. We surprised you and your sister with a spring break trip to Disney. Told you in the car on the way to the airport and you were so happy you cried! Then you said, “I’ve only been this happy twice in my whole life! Once when I got the Millennium Falcon Lego set for my birthday and now this moment right now!” The trip didn’t disappoint. We spent our mornings at the amusement park, afternoons at the resort pool and evenings back at the park. It was non stop fun for you guys! We even met friends and spent some time riding rides with your buddy Kellen.

Then you graduated from kindergarten. The school year just flew by for me, but during that blur you learned to read, add and subtract, ran a marathon, met a bunch of new friends, learned to be away from home for the entire day and ended up having a whole life outside of your family. You loved school and your teacher Ms. Jensen. We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to elementary school.

We kicked off summer vacation with our annual trip to Scottsdale. This year was special because Mimi and Pop joined us for a little sun and pool time. You enjoyed swimming and order food poolside. There was an evening movie in the pool and you watched it from a floaty. We took daily trips to the resort’s ice cream parlor.It was the perfect way to start our summer.

We’ve been enjoying summer and all that it brings. It’s a very different experience this year since it’s your first summer out of school. I’m soaking up every single day I get to be with you. I adore watching you morning noon and night. I can’t get enough and dread the start of the school session when you are off again. For now we have been spending our mornings at home, sleeping in and eating breakfast outside. You play with your sister and I listen to the two of you. We’ve had swim lessons and park dates. Lots of free play with friends. You did a science camp with your friends that you loved. Dad and I took you to your first Sounders game. We went glamping with friends and you couldn’t have been happier getting to spend your days with your buddy in the dirt, swinging light sabers and racing remote control monster trucks. We have a tutor come twice a week in the mornings to keep you on track for the coming school year. This was something you initially weren’t thrilled about, but now it’s your favorite mornings of the week! You love your time with Adam. He plays games with you and you read to him. I love listening to you working with him- it’s like I get to watch you in school. Next week you start Sounders soccer camp, then we are off to Vancouver BC and then school will be starting again. How time flies!

One thing I’m certain of is that you are growing up way too fast. These are the years I am going to look back on. I love you kid!