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First Grade

June 19, 2015

Dear Roman,

This week you wrapped up another great year of school. Your first grade year flew by faster than I could ever imagine. It really does feel like we were just enjoying last summer anticipating you going into the 1st grade and now here we are reflecting on your year. It was a good one! You continued to be a very eager child ready and willing to learn. Very motivated and a very hard worker.

You became a voracious reader with strong comprehension. In fact you ended your 1st grade year reading at a 4th grade level and you were presented with the “accelerated reader” award at the end of year assembly. This year I’d catch you with your face in a book any chance you’d get including during car rides or late into the night when I thought you were sleeping. You still love for me to read to you, but you are not a fan of reading out loud to anyone.

In addition to reading, you also continued to love soccer. Fall and spring you were able to play with your buddies on the rec team and had a lot of fun! This spring you actually played on two different soccer teams which meant soccer after school 5 days a week. The schedule was intense (for me and your sister) but you didn’t skip a beat. We saw you really start to excel and decided it was time for you to advance to a more serious soccer league. This included tryouts. You did amazing under the pressure. It was a very hot day and you spent the entire hour giving 100% effort in front of 4 different coaches and against kids you’d never played with before. It was one of those moments I’ll always remember because I was so proud of you.

You joined the choir at school which meant going to school early every Friday morning to practice. The concert was so fun to watch and I was so impressed by how many kids were in choir and how well you all sang together.

You participated in the school marathon again and this year you had the goal of completing not 1 but 2 marathon cards. This meant you needed to run at least 2.5 miles every day at 2nd recess for the 5 weeks that the marathon was going on. And you know what? You did it! You were also the first 1st grader to complete a 2nd card! During the end of year assembly you were awarded a medal for your accomplishment. After it was over you told me next year you are going to complete 3 cards. I have no doubt that you will.

Chess and math were other favorites at school.

You played the piano this year and struggled a bit with finding motivation or passion, but stuck it out. You are taking a break from lessons over the summer and we will see if you are interested in taking lessons again in the fall.

This year you were still very social, kept the friends you made in kindergarten and gained a few new ones from first grade. You had several sleepovers this year and just about any chance you had you were at a friends house or a friend was over at ours. Your social schedule got a bit exhausting and your family (especially Charlotte) felt like we never saw you, but we understand. It just made the time we did spend with you that much better.