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2nd Grade

May 8, 2016

Dear Roman,

I can hardly believe it, but yet another school year is nearing the end and it’s time for me to write a recap on all that has been happening.

This year you got the teacher you really wanted, Ms. Nease. She is warm, kind, structured, experienced and pretty much a dream come true. She’s what I think of when I dream of an¬†elementary teacher and you are very fortunate to have gotten the chance to experience that. In her class you’ve learned to write. There’s been a lot of that this year. Your handwriting is not your strong suit, but you never fail at anything so it isn’t stopping you from doing good work. You also kept your love for math and enjoyed learning long addition and subtraction, geometry, multiplication, measurement and time. There’s been weekly spelling tests, monthly book reports and fun projects. All of which you take on with ease. School is effortless for you. You have continued your love for reading and are now on to larger chapter books like the Percy Jackson series. Your face is almost always buried in a book, unless of course you are playing soccer. Your other love.

Soccer has continued for you on the competitive level and you just tried out for the Crossfire Premier League. This was a really big deal because it was your first time with the coaches, players, first time playing year round soccer. Tryouts were for two days and you had your heart set on a certain coach. Crazy enough you pulled it off and made his team! We are officially a soccer family! You have practices 3 times a week for the next year, tournaments in the summer and games on the weekends the rest of the year. It’s a huge commitment, but there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

You’ve done a lot of growing up this year. We saw you playing less and less with toys- even Legos! I think this was your last Christmas receiving toys. Sniff sniff. You’re more interested in books, all things sports related, clothing, shoes and Messi- your soccer idol. When I say clothing what I really mean is team jerseys and NIKE gear.

You are still all about your social calendar and love it most while hanging with friends. Although this year you aren’t at all into sleepovers and have had a lot less play dates as homework and soccer become more time consuming.

But the biggest change this year was that we moved out of our house and into an apartment and we decided to build a new house! We moved out in July and you and your sister shared a room for the first time ever. At first it was a lot of fun and I was so excited that the two of you were fine with being together. I’d listen to you guys chat at night before falling asleep. I realized that living in a smaller space like an apartment had a lot of advantages. Closer quarters made for a closer family bond. But fall came and we missed being able to have friends over after school. Winter came and we missed Christmas in a home. Spring is here and you desperately miss the action of baseball at the park across from our house. You miss your yard and you miss riding your bike after school. We are all very ready to move out of the apartment! What an adventure though. You are watching the house get built from the ground up. You get to see your new room take shape and help make design decisions. It’s a lot of fun!

I have to just say that as your mom I am truly amazed at all that you do. I am so proud at what a reader you are. What an amazing soccer player you are becoming. What a big heart you have. I love hanging out with you and talking about whatever you want to talk about… mostly sports. I’ve taught myself football and soccer so I’ll seem cool in your eyes. My favorite thing last fall was to watch the Seahawks games with you. You’re smart and funny and quick and I love you!